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Hi there! My name is Eric, and this is the page for my little software company, TopHat Monkey Software.

Basically, TopHat Monkey Software is me, doing stuff I find interesting, and trying to make software that's enjoyable to use.

I'm not working on anything public right now, but some of my public past projects are listed below, for the curious.

Past Projects:

PadMapper - Apartment Search Engine

Hunting for an apartment in Manhattan using craigslist was a terrible experience, and that's why PadMapper exists. What started as a personal project to make apartment hunting suck less has spread bit by bit, mostly by word of mouth. By now it's been used by tens of millions of people!

It was a wild ride. I went through a startup program called Y Combinator with it in 2010, after running it as a hobby project for a year and a half, and it grew and grew, thanks mainly to its users telling their friends about it. I mostly had to hold on, scaling the servers to handle the increasing load. Eventually it got so big that we had some legal troubles with craigslist, but after a few years we resolved those to everyone's dissatisfaction. That burnt me out on the project, so we decided to sell, and we found it what I think was a pretty good home at Zumper, who is trying to do largely the same thing.

If you were one of the people who used it, and especially if you were one of those excellent people who sent suggestions or feedback, thank you very much. You were one of the reasons it was such a fun project to work on.

PadLister - Apartment Advertising Engine

PadLister helped landlords and brokers get apartments rented, sending listings to PadMapper and other classifieds sites across the internet.

PadMapper UK Flat Search

The same as the original PadMapper, but this one helps the Brits.


AppointmentPlease was a web application to let customers schedule appointments on their own online. This entered beta just as PadMapper started really taking off, so this never got the launch it deserved.

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